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Ok, I’m back after a long break from this blog. Why such a long break? Well, its no great secret that the money is not in the Make Money niche unless you have so much firepower that you can get to the top of the SERPs. Being on page two is nowhere in this game, so unless you can get high on page one, then you’re not really going to make much money from target search traffic. So I’ve been very busy building my business in other niches that are lower on competition and easier to crack into.

The traffic I target comes almost exclusively from the search engines and they click on PPC ads and some affiliate products that are real and actually provide value to the people who want to buy them. I make my living online doing this and its very satisfying because I make money honestly and don’t rip anyone off. Hence the title of this post.

If you go the route that most Internet marketers go, ie building the proverbial list, then hawking snake oil to your victims, then you might make a little money from screwing over some total noobs who want to buy into the dream. But the dream is flawed. Seriously flawed.

The major flaw in the general Internet marketing system is that 99% of the “make money” products that are being created and sold to unsuspecting noobs are crap. They don’t do what they say because whatever the hype is trying to get across, it is NOT possible to make $3000 in seven days starting from scratch. You can read all the ebooks you want, but most of them are going to tell you, in a roundabout way, to write an ebook about how to make $3000 in a week and sell it, for heavens sake!

The rest come up with all manner of priceless shit that make money for the person who wrote it because they’re selling it and clueless noobs are buying it. If you want to buy into this not-so merry-go-round, think long and hard about whether you can sleep at night knowing you probably just took some desperate single mother’s last $97 before her credit card got maxed for an ebook that will make her jack shit. Unless she’s willing to put in two years of hard work following the crap that it teaches. Except she hasn’t got two years, she’s being evicted from her apartment in a month. She was hoping the ebook you just sold her might make her enough money to pay her rent. But it won’t, will it because its just not possible to build a list in a bloody month.

Oh, wait, she can get a load of traffic from Twitter or Stumbleupon and that will make her rent money. Like crap it will. The book you sold her will earn her bugger all and she’ll be evicted all because of you. So I’ll ask you again, would you be able to sleep at night knowing you were doing this to people who don’t know any better?

If you can answer yes to that, then you’re a bastard and you’ll probably make a lot of money standing on other people.

Well I never want to make money like that. It just goes completely against the grain of who I am. So that Internet marketing model is not for me. And if you have a shred of conscience it should not be for you either. There are other ways to make money online and I’m doing it so I know its true.

I set up lots of websites in lots of niches and the money that they make collectively mounts up to a decent enough total that I can live quite well on, right now. That total grows a little each month as I add more sites to the collection. Its hard work and I put in a lot of hours writing decent, relevant content for those sites so that they’ll rank in the SERPs for lots of long tail keywords related to the niche, then getting links to those sites to push them up onto the front page for many of those keywords of the niches they occupy. That’s a legitimate working model and it’s one that really does make money. Without hurting anyone else.

So thanks to putting in a lot of honest work, I sleep at night real good, thank you very much. You can too when you stop believing the dream that is hyped across the Make Money niche and start rolling up your sleeves and doing some honest toil.

That’s all folks!

Terry Didcott
Make Money

Make Money From Home Business Opportunities

Many people wonder how they can make money from home business opportunities, but when you take the time to look around and see just what is available to you, the answers are often staring you in the face. Let’s look at using the Internet as your main source of income from your home business and see why this should be.

For a home business based on the Internet to succeed, you need to first have your window onto your business in place and by that I mean your home business opportunities website. This should be your main site and the one that you expect to generate an income from by the monetization options you are able to display on there. That website should be designed to sell whatever it is you’re promoting and it should be designed well.

The best website designs that generate the most sales from their visitors are those which are generally uncluttered, simply laid out and easy to navigate. To get an idea of what I mean, think of yourself as a potential customer and then imagine how you would expect to see a website designed so that it makes it as simple as possible for you to find exactly what you’re looking for and then to make your purchase with the minimum of fuss.

Out go all the flashy banners and confusing pop-ups, pop-unders and so forth. These things distract the buyer from what they’re there for and can even lead to potential customers going elsewhere. If you are selling multiple products, then design a sales page that is easy to get to from the homepage and show thumbnail images of the products with a link to a full page for each that contains all the necessary details without giving too much unnecessary info.

Once your website is ready to unleash on the market, you then need to promote it so that people can find it. This is usually done by getting it to feature on the first page of the search engines for its main and several related keywords. How to do that can be found in other posts on this blog.

When you attract targeted search traffic to your website, you are attracting the very people who are looking for what you are selling, which means you will convert a good proportion of those visitors into paying customers. Which all leads to a successful and well run Internet based home business from which you can derive a decent income.

Terry Didcott
Make Money